eSurfCo Aviator 5"5

The eSurfCo Aviator is our most popular board. It suits beginners to advanced riders. The board has a deck area and volume to enable riders of all skill levels to get up planing and flying in no time. The board is also small enough to offer a more experienced rider the fun and performance they expect.



Reach speeds of up to 35kms p/hr


Lithium Ion Batteries keep you flying for up to 1.5 hrs


Bluetooth remote with auto cut-off is just the start

eSurfCo Sport 4"8

The ultimate performance board for the experienced efoiler.

The full carbon board is hand made in Australia by our master board maker.

Lets Go

eSurfCo Explorer 6"6

The eSurfCo Explorer is our largest board at 6 ft 6 inches. With its larger volume it is easier to get started on and is ideal for riders who just want to cruise.  The board is great for people who plan to have multiple users of varying skill levels using the board. It is easy to get up on for an inexperienced user while still great fun for those who have more experience.


Fun for the whole family